• Lead Sash Bar & Weights
    A range of Lead Sash Weights used to counterbalance sliding sash windows.
  • Steel Sash Weights
    A range of Steel Sash Weights used to counterbalance sliding sash windows.
  • Lead Products
    Extruded, cast, stamped or machined Lead and Lead alloy products.
  • Capsol Plumbing Solders
    The Capsol range of plumbing solder wires and sticks.
  • Pure Tin Plating Anodes
    Pure Tin Anodes for the electrofinishing, electronic and metal spraying industry.
  • Chrome Plating Anodes
    Chrome Plating Anodes for decorative and hard chrome plating.
  • Lead Came
    Used in the manufacture of stained glass panels and leaded light design.
  • Lead Shielding
    Radiation protection for the nuclear, medical, defence and research industry.
  • Lead Ballast
    Lead ingots, blocks, pellets and castings to suit any counterbalance or ballast application.
  • Industrial Solders
    Solders for electronic, automotive, plumbing and jointing applications.
  • Lead Sheet
    Rolled Lead Sheets, manufactured to BS EN 12588 in a range of widths and thicknesses.
  • Cathodic Protection
    A range of sacrificial lead and lead alloy anodes used for Cathodic Protection.