Product Overview

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd have an international reputation within the electronics, plating & spraying industries for high purity Tin Plating Anodes. Manufactured to 99.95% minimum purity, our range of extruded Tin Plating Anodes include ovals, plates, tubes, rods, slugs & wires of varying diameters (1mm – 10mm). Tin Plating Anodes in the form of Spheres, plates & domes are available as cast items.

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd offer a tool & mould making facility, enabling us to manufacture any profile or casting to customer specification, either as a one off project or large volume runs.

Our range can also be manufactured in tin/lead alloys to suit customer requirements.

Our range of High Purity Tin Products include:

Pure tin plating anode shapes