Product Overview

Rolled Lead Sheet, manufactured to BS EN 12588, in a wide range of widths and thicknesses.

Lead sheet is malleable, so can be easily bent, shaped and formed for use in many projects, including:

Nuclear and Medical Radiation construction projects – Sheet lead can be built into walls, doors and frames providing protection from gamma rays. It can also be used to prevent radiation leakage from gaps in lead-lined walls.

Roofing Projects – Sheet lead is very effective for waterproofing, and can be used to fabricate rainwater gutters, valleys, weathering’s and decorative features.

Chemical Tank Linings – Used commonly in the surface finishing industry, the resistance of lead sheet to chemical corrosion, make Lead Sheet a perfect liner for electro finishing chemical tanks.

Lead Sheet Lined Plywood and Plasterboard – Lead Sheet, bonded to either plasterboard or plywood offers the same radiation protection, but with added structure, perfect for the construction of lead lined rooms. This product can also be used for soundproofing rooms.

Lead Sheet is available in standard thicknesses ranging from 1.32mm (code 3) to 3.55mm (code 8), and widths ranging from 150mm to 1400mm. Alternative thicknesses, widths and material grades and alloys can be made on request. Patination Oil, Expansion Joints and Lead Dots are also available.