Product Overview

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps manufacture a wide range of lead ballasting materials suitable for many marine, offshore and subsea applications. We also manufacture Lead ballast for other applications, for example, Aerospace Weights, Boom Truck Weights, Forklift Truck Weights, Elevator/Lift Weights, Material Handling Weights, Camera Weights, Theatrical Weights, Crane Weights, Bridge Weights, Sash Window Weights, Hoist Test Weights and Agriculture Weights

Our lead ballast range includes:

Lead Ingots: With a maximum density of 11340kg/m3, lead ingots are a simple and cost effective solution to many applications requiring ballast. Available in a range of sizes or weights, lead ingots are suitable as basic ballast for ship, boat and yacht keels.

Lead Pellets: Available in a range of sizes, lead pellets are suitable for packing air space when used in conjunction with lead ingots, or as a standalone ballast material. Lead pellets can be used for ballasting models or filling dive weight pouches. Lead pellets can be supplied bagged in specific weights to suit customer, or in standard 20kg bags.

Lead Blocks: Cast to customer specification, ranging from grams through to several tonnes, Lead blocks are an ideal solution for ship, boat and yacht keels.

Lead ballast rod: Used in the manufacture of subsea umbilical systems as a ballast/filler, Lead ballast rods are available in any diameter, with or without central core. Lead ballast rod can be supplied coiled/ wound in lengths or weights to suit customer project.

Lead Counterweights: Cast to customer specification, and used in applications such as the manufacture/refurbishment of passenger elevators/lifts, crane and hoist weights.

Custom Lead Castings: Heaps, Arnold and Heaps Ltd can provide Lead ballast solutions for special projects. We can fill fabricated boxes or forms supplied by client, or can arrange boxes or forms to be fabricated and filled.