Product Overview

Manufactured in-house and to customer specification, Chrome Plating Anodes by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps are available in 4% tin/lead and 7% tin/lead for the decorative and hard chrome plating industries. 6% antimony, silver/lead and other alloys are available.

Chrome Plating Anodes are manufactured on our high pressure extrusion line, giving a high quality and long lasting anode. Anode bars are manufactured in round, flat, oval, star, ribbed and corrugated profiles, and are available as solid bar, or with central copper, mild steel, or stainless steel cores. In addition, we can also manufacture tube anodes and waffle/grid type anodes to your specification

We manufacture a range of standard hook configurations, to suit any size or style bus bar, with a plastisol insulation as standard, although hooks can be left bare on request. Hooks can be customised to suit, with options of copper or brass material, lifting lugs/hangers and various bolting options.

We can also take back your used Chrome Plating Anodes for refurbishment, subject to condition.

  • Chrome Plating Anodes available in Tin, Antimonial & Silver alloys
  • Alternative/special alloys on request
  • Range of standard hooks to suit any bus bar
  • Bespoke hooks can be manufactured in house
  • Wide range of blade profiles, including round, flat, oval, star, ribbed & corrugated
  • Tube anodes from 12mm – 160mm inside diameter, with wall thicknesses of 2mm – 20mm
  • Waffle/grid anodes by special request