Product Overview

Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd manufacture a range of Radiation Shielding products for the medical, research, defence & nuclear power industries, where protection against harmful radiation is required.

Our range includes:

  • Lead Bricks – Lead Brick Shielding provdes an ideal solution as a permanent or temporary shield against radiation. Extruded from 99.97% pure lead, giving a smooth, non-porous finish, our Lead Bricks are available in a range of sections and thicknesses and can be manufactured to project specification
  • Interlocking Lead Bricks – Provide a solution to projects where maximum radiation protection is required. The interlocking or ‘chevron’ profile helps to prevent radiation leakage through brick joints and provides a more stable structure. Our Interlocking Lead Bricks are manufactured in a range of profiles and thicknesses or to project specification
  • Lead Plates
  • Lead Lined Plaster Board
  • Lead Lined Plywood
  • Lead Castings
  • Lead Isotope Pots, coated if required
  • Lead Strip
  • Lead Tubes
  • Lead Sheet

Our machining facility enables us to manufacture any complex component to our customer specification.