Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd extrude and cast a large range of Lead & Lead alloy products, offering a range of standard products and sizes. Our production capability is also increased by our tool and mould making facility, enabling us to manufacture our Lead products to any size or specification.

Our range includes

  • Lead Ingots – available in Lead, Tin/Lead, Antimony/Lead and other alloys
  • Lead Plates – To customer specification
  • Lead Tape – 1mm wide to 100mm wide in varying thicknesses
  • Lead Wire – 0.4mm to 100mm
  • Lead Pellets – For ballasting
  • Beaded Lead Wire – 14grm/mtr to 200grm/mtr
  • Lead Stampings – Lead Washers, Lead Discs, Lead Buttons
  • Lead Castings – Lead Ballast Blocks, Lead Fillings, to customer spec
  • Lead tubes/sleeves – Inside diameter from 5mm to 150mm
  • Lead Ballast – Lead Castings, Lead Blocks, Lead Pellets, Beaded Lead Wire
  • Lead Shielding – Lead Bricks, Lead Sheet, Lead Plates, Lead Pots
  • Lead Covered Products – Lead covered copper wire/bar.

Our range of products is available in Lead, Tin/Lead, Antimony/Lead, and Silver/Lead, with specials available on request.