Product Overview

Manufactured in the U.K. and accredited by NMBS and PHG buying societies, our approved Capsol Plumbing Solders carry accreditation and comprises:

  • Capsol (leaded) Plumbers Solder Wire
  • 99c Lead Free Solder Wire
  • Capsol Plumbers Solder Bars
  • 99c Lead Free Solder Bars
  • Tinmans Solder Sticks
  • Solder Paste
  • Fluxes

Our Plumbing Solder Wires are manufactured to 3.2mm diameter, in either 250grm or 500grm reel sizes & can be supplied on unbranded labels if specified.

The Capsol Range of Plumbing Solder products manufactured in accordance with the quality procedures adopted by Heaps, Arnold & Heaps Ltd, with certificates of conformity available on request.