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Pearsons Glass continues their UK distribution of Heaps European Style Lead Came. Following 3 years of development, Heaps have finely tuned this product to meet the needs of glaziers who are used an alternative ‘European’ product.

“Having served the UK for over 200 years with our Traditional Lead Came, the natural progression was to develop a product, based on our vast experience, which would suit the tastes of those used to rival brands. We have listened and acted upon feedback received and the European product has been tuned to rival other European brands. With an extended range, all available within 7-10 days, we have the quality, range and service demanded by glaziers, and Pearsons commitment to stock the European range shows confidence in our product and ability to meet market demands” Marc Briscoe (General Manager – Heaps, Arnold & Heaps)

Marc Briscoe

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